Concierge on demand

Concierge on-demand, concierge services and lifestyle management, a time saving solution for a better work-life-balance

Concierge on demand is a retrievable Concierge Service. It is a popular option for Classic Concierge Services. Concierge on demand’s daily mission is to make life easier for clients. Concierge on demand is your contact partner for any claims of a
5 star-hotel-style service.

Let one call handle it all.

Our Concierge Service team will take care: We arrange all services in your private life between you and our trusted partners, or are present on-site when you need us. We solve time management problems and issues. We are your personal shopper, home manager, party planner and event organiser all rolled into one!

All of our approved partners and affiliates are handpicked and screened to ensure they reflect the quality and service that our customers have come to expect of us. Our local network of partners ensures that we are able to handle almost any concierge request.

What sets us apart from a traditional Concierge Service on-site, is that here we will only charge you for the amount of time and mission we spend working on or at your property.

Flexible tariffs: We offer every customer a flexible payment plan that allows you to purchase our Services on an individual basis (pay-as-you-go), or on a monthly basis.