Concierge and Doorman Services

Concierge and Doorman Services

The Concierge is always your personal point of contact. They are at the owners’ and tenants’ disposal and contribute, with their diverse and time saving services to a high level of comfort.

Home is where the heart is!

From the everyday to the extraordinary! The Concierges will gladly welcome you, make your home comfortable and filled with warmth and security for all your family members.

Our Services are provided on a temporary, permanent, on-call or seasonal basis. Additionally, the Concierge Services can be contacted via phone, email or app for your personal concerns and wishes.

The Concierge members are resourceful, loyal, organized, efficient, tactful, and discreet, and offer a wide selection of services required to run your life effortlessly. Our remarkably knowledgeable Concierge team is on hand to make your stay at any of your residences smooth and enjoyable.

Just ask the Concierge!

Our main aim is to cater for your every need, please refer to the SERVICES page of the website for a brief example of what we can offer you.

From household provisioning, professional organizing, event planning, shopping and personal errands, to home and business administrative services, let us assist you. Just ask the Concierge Services operated by Gamma & My.

A Classic Concierge contracts with property management and building owners to bring service, style, communication and influence to their property. If your property has a Classic Concierge, you have access to additional services, which include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Indiviudal Services for Tenants and Residents

    Visitor reception and contact person for all residents, guests, suppliers, and caretakers.

  • Security Activities

    Entrance and access control, control tour around the building make out craftsman ID, proof of attendance of external companies.

  • Parcel and Mail Services

    All incoming and outgoing mail are going to be received, processed and distributed, parcels are recorded and safely stored or placed in the respective apartments.

  • Leisure Facilities

    Experienced care of spa and lounge areas (beverage service, towel service, inspection of cleanliness and order).