Career as housekeeper or room maid with domestic knowledge in services for high quality residential, great opportunities and professional growth

You already have acquired professional experience in home service or the hospitality industry as a maid or have worked in private homes, then come and join us.


You know the requirements by heart and are an expert (with and enclosed vocational training), and at least three years of professional experience in housekeeping. You are familiar with all kinds of home related services, and special skills in dealing with quality furnishings and materials.

The job:

According to the order of our clients, you manage the household after their instructions independently and responsibly. You clean and maintain the private rooms, take care of the laundry and the shopping, coordinate and control craftsmen and suppliers. If pets also belong to the households, you feed and look after their needs.

What we expect:

Very good manners and a neat appearance. You are a team player, communicative, reliable, discreet and resilient.